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We are a private medical practice that delivers medical care for transgender, genderqueer & gender creative individuals across the lifespan.

We provide Hormones, puberty blockers.  Consultations, Second letters, pre-op medical evaluations,  and post-op after care.

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For Therapists

For masters- or doctoral-level, licensed, mental health professionals who are providing your clients with a referral letter to begin hormones, below you will find the 7 points that need to be covered within your letter. 

1. The patient's general identifying characteristics.

2. The initial and evolving gender, sexual and other psychiatric diagnose. Any psychiatric medications MUST be accompanied with a diagnosis. This area should discuss the patient's initial cross-gender feelings.

3. The duration of their professional relationship including the type of psychotherapy or evaluation that the patient underwent, frequency of visits and patient compliance.

4. The eligibility criteria that have been met and the mental health professional's rationale for hormone therapy.

5. The degree to which the patient has followed the Standards of Care to date and the likelihood of future compliance (Main areas of transition should be covered here and should include history of gender presentation at work and home, name change, Hormone Therapy. This section should also discuss any spousal or parental obligations.).

6. The author should list their experience treating transgender clients. This should include years experience, number of clients treated and currency of training in transgender issues. The author should list any transgender organization memberships and if they are part of a gender team.

7. That the sender welcomes a phone call to verify the fact that they actually wrote the letter as described in this document.

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