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We are a private medical practice that delivers medical care for transgender, genderqueer & gender creative individuals across the lifespan.

We provide Hormones, puberty blockers.  Consultations, Second letters, pre-op medical evaluations,  and post-op after care.

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Hormone Therapy for the transgender and gender expansive/creative community.  Office Hours by Appointment in NJ and NY.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               STIRLING NJ OFFICE NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME - FOR CONSULTATIONS & NEW PATIENTS, PLEASE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT IN MONTCLAIR NJ OFFICE: 718.894.0301


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Healthy Transitions serves the transgender / genderqueer / gender diverse community and has been doing so since 2006. We provide medical care, advice and information for the gender explorers, professionals and curious among us all.

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