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1390 Valley Road
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We are a private medical practice that delivers medical care for transgender, genderqueer & gender creative individuals across the lifespan.

We provide Hormones, puberty blockers.  Consultations, Second letters, pre-op medical evaluations,  and post-op after care.



Serving transgender, nonbinary and gender-creative people across the lifespan.

Hormone Therapy | Puberty Blockers

Pre-op Evaluations | Post-op Aftercare

Consultations | Second Letters


Medical management
Hormone Affirming Therapy,  
Pre-Operative exams for clients seeking Gender Affirming Surgery 

Pre-op Evaluation/letters
Second letters

Professional Consulting
We are available to other healthcare professionals for consultation on medical & mental health care of transgender and nonbinary patients.

                                                                        Professional Speaking                                                                          While specializing in providing TG healthcare education to medical schools, residencies, and hospitals, specially tailored presentations may also be requested.  Some topics have been: Q&A With a Member of the TG Community, Primary Care for the LGBTQ Community, Make Your Practice LGBTQ Accessible and Friendly, Examples of LGBTQ Health-Fail, The History of Gender Diveristy.


New Patient Appointments
New Patient appointments are 2 hours long: $495

                                                             Follow-up Appointments                                                                   Regular 45 min sessions not exceeding an hour: $225
Extended sessions: $295
Psychotherapy extended, with medical evaluation & management services, eg: meds: $350

First and Second letters: $295

Healthy Transitions, LLC does not accept insurance of any kind Nor do we process any aspects of insurance TO INCLUDE Medicine PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONS.

 we will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted for out-of-network coverage.