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50 Church Street
Montclair, NJ, 07042
United States


We are a private medical practice that delivers medical care for transgender, genderqueer & gender creative individuals across the lifespan.

We provide Hormones, puberty blockers.  Consultations, Second letters, pre-op medical evaluations,  and post-op after care.



Serving transgender, nonbinary and gender-creative people across the lifespan.

Hormone Therapy | Puberty Blockers

Pre-op Evaluations | Post-op Aftercare

Consultations | Second Letters


Medical management
Hormone Affirming Therapy,  
Pre-Operative exams for clients seeking Gender Affirming Surgery 

Pre-op Evaluation/letters
Second letters

Professional Consulting
We are available to other healthcare professionals for consultation on medical & mental health care of transgender and nonbinary patients.

         Professional Speaking        

We specialize in providing medical education to medical professionals across all stages of their careers.  Some topics have been: Q&A With a Member of the TG Community, Primary Care for the LGBTQ Community, Make Your Practice LGBTQ Accessible and Friendly, Examples of LGBTQ Health-Fail, The History of Gender Diversity, Advanced Cases in Sexual and Gender Minority Health: an expert Panel, Medical Management of Transgender and Gender Diverse Patients Across the Lifespan.  We would be happy to tailor a presentation to your unique audience. 


New Patient Appointments
New Patient appointments are 2 hours long: $495

                                                             Follow-up Appointments                                                                   Regular 45 min sessions not exceeding an hour: $225
Extended sessions: $295
Psychotherapy extended, with medical evaluation & management services, eg: meds: $350

First and Second letters: $295

Healthy Transitions, LLC does not accept insurance of any kind Nor do we process any aspects of insurance TO INCLUDE Medicine PRIOR AUTHORIZATIONS.

 we will provide you with a receipt that can be submitted for out-of-network coverage.